<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/76/10/23/56/180825051615.jpg?t=1593791593"><br>Motivated seller, bring your offers for your chance at rural living on 5 acres, with real power, for less than $60 per square foot! This could be the deal you are looking for. Doublewide with real power, septic-unfinished remodel inside. Worth a look if you are looking forward to living the rural life on 5 acres, yet only want to drive fewer than 3 miles on a decent gravel road. Everything here is fully permitted set by our local company Sunwest, so no problems are expected. Kingman lies in the midst of breathtaking natural beauty with a sunny Arizona lifestyle. Kingman's elevation, at 3,336 feet provides an ideal southwestern climate, neither too hot nor too cold! Our dry climate is pollen-free, to add to its health-giving attributes. With a strong work force, a growing elder community, and strong, close-knit, family atmosphere. Doublewide REAL POWER 5 Acres Kingman AZ!<br>